• Business and Technology Incubation

    Business and Technology Incubation   Concept Development of New Incubators Business Coaching Commercialisation Support Mentoring Business incubators are programs and facilities designed to assist the successful development of entrepreneurial companies through an array of business support resources and services, developed and orchestrated by incubator management and offered both in the incubator and through its network … Read More

  • BEE Support Service

    BEE Support Services Supplier Development Enterprise Development Advisory Mentoring and Coaching The greatest opportunity in creating sustainable jobs and making a meaningful contribution to the tradeable sectors is to promote the active participation of the previously disadvantaged in wealth creation. The Department of Trade and Industry’s (SA) latest revision of the Industrial Policy Action Plan … Read More

  • Lean Management Programmes

    Lean Management Programmes   Shop Floor and Office Interventions Best Practice Tools and Techniques Waste Reduction Exercises and Training Measurable Improvements As lean thinking continues to spread to every country in the world, leaders are also adapting the tools and principles beyond manufacturing, to logistics and distribution, services, retail, healthcare, construction, maintenance, and even government … Read More

  • SME Development Programmes

      SME Development Programmes   Company Wide Assessment and GAP Analysis Focused Interventions Business Development Business Plan and Growth Strategy Some experts have claimed that more than 50% of a country’s GDP in most instances is attributable to the activities of small business. In this regard, many countries have given more focus and support to … Read More

  • Programme Development and Management

    Programme Development and Management   Aligned with Policy and Strategy Implementable Solutions Monitoring and Evaluation Framework Project Management Best Practice It is common practice for government departments, municipalities, agencies and parastatals to design programmes aligned with broader government targets, policies and objectives such as the New Growth Path, National Development Plan, BEE, IPAP, etc. The … Read More

  • Strategy Facilitation and Development

    Strategy Facilitation and Development   Vision and Mission Competitor Analysis Stakeholder Feedback  Key Focus Area Definition In order to define your strategy, it is critically important to examine where you are now as an organisation, where do you want to be as an ideal goal, how do you aim to get there, crucial barriers to your plan and how will you measure your improvements. … Read More

  • Research

    Huda Consulting provides research services:   Economic Research Market Research Impact Analysis Sectoral Studies Research Approach   Following conventional research methodologies, while at the same time, providing a high level of quality and professionalism, Huda Consulting offers clients a customised solution to your research need. We are able to glean economic data from a myriad … Read More