With the threat of load-shedding, installing a backup system is the way to go. Huda Energy supplies a wide range of inverters that are suitable for domestic and commercial use. Inverters provide reliable, efficient and consistent electricity when you need it most. Contact us for your free quote.

How does and inverter work?


Electricity that is supplied from a grid is AC(alternating current) while power supplied from a battery is DC(direct current). An inverter coverts the direct current to and alternating current.

How much power does our inverters supply?


We supply a wide range of inverters that range from 1.5KV to 12KVA, which are scalable so that your energy requirements are met. Smaller systems are able to power a few LED lights, TV, Alarm and chargers whereas the bigger inverters can support more household appliances.

Our inverters offer the following features:


Automatic transfer


This feature allows the system to immediately switch over when the grid power fails, providing an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) – ideal for computers, tv etc. There is no surge indication during the switch over.

Built-in battery charger


Most modern inverters include a charger which automatically charges batteries while power is supplied from the grid. Huda Energy provides a fast charger with the inverter which allows for quicker charging between load shedding.

Combination Power


Our inverters can be converted to charge from solar should you prefer not using the electricity grid to charge the batteries.

We will help you determine your average daily load and help you choose the right backup for your lifestyle needs. We offer a 3-year guarantee on our inverters and a minimum of 2 years on our batteries, depending on the type. We also offer you the option of a hybrid solar option which has a back-up as well as solar electricity. This option includes solar panels, a hybrid inverter, batteries, and produces electricity to power your home in the event of a power outage. Contact us today for more information.