Strategy Facilitation and Development


Strategy Facilitation and Development


  • Vision and Mission
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Stakeholder Feedback
  •  Key Focus Area Definition

In order to define your strategy, it is critically important to examine where you are now as an organisation, where do you want to be as an ideal goal, how do you aim to get there, crucial barriers to your plan and how will you measure your improvements. The first step in developing the strategy is to understand your targets and where do you want to be firstly as an individual in a team/department and then as part of a team in the organisation. 

Huda Consulting has a multi-faceted approach ensuring that your company as a whole or individual departments are actively involved in the development of the strategy together with external stakeholder input such as board of directors, customers, funders and strategic partners. 


Strategy Development Approach

Many strategies fail to mature into implementable operational plans due to the lack of consensus from all stakeholders both internally and externally. Our “Voice of the Stakeholder” sessions ensures that relevant input is provided into the strategy session. 

The strategy workshop uses both primary data and secondary data to contextualise the discussions with input that is factual and accurate. 

On conclusion of the strategy process, the post-strategy follow up sessions are of critical importance. Huda Consulting will ensure that all steps proceeding from the strategy are translated into action plans for key personnel.