Solar Geysers

Huda Energy supply and install solar geysers that are available in a variety of sizes at competitive prices. Our geyser installation includes vertical geyser systems as well as split units driven by small circulation pumps that can be hidden. Contact us today for your free quote.

We install a flat panel thermosyphon systems that can be installed on virtually any type of roofing structure be it tiled, steel, slab flat or pitched. All we require is for the hot and cold water connection and the electricity point to be available close to the location of the geyser. We have 100L, 200L, 300L and 400L options available which can be scaled to a much larger configuration for higher capacity requirements.

We can retrofit a solar system to an existing geyser but we recommend using our double jacket insulated geyser which allows for the full warranty to be applicable.

Solar geysers have been around for decades and the basic thermosyphon technology has not significantly changed over the years proving its reliance and efficiency. Our solar geysers can last up to 30 years. We provide a 10-year warranty as well as n after sale service which includes general maintenance. The indirect solar system using the flat panels uses anti-freeze (Glycol) to heat the water. This generally needs to be topped up or replaced every 18months to 2years. This is fairly inexpensive.

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