Programme Development and Management

Programme Development and Management


  • Aligned with Policy and Strategy
  • Implementable Solutions
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Framework
  • Project Management Best Practice

It is common practice for government departments, municipalities, agencies and parastatals to design programmes aligned with broader government targets, policies and objectives such as the New Growth Path, National Development Plan, BEE, IPAP, etc. The objectives of these customised programmes is to provide these entities with key deliverables aimed at achieving the said objectives of government.

Huda Consulting adopts a broad approach involving 5 main activities in order to facilitate the development of key action programmes for government in line with the entities’ targets. These activities are further refined or expanded depending on the needs of the client.

Programme Development Approach

The first step of the process is to convene a steering committee and define the broader scope of the process with  expected outcomes. Secondly, in order to manage the process and outcomes, a baseline measure of the defined targets is taken to create an ‘as is’ state. Thirdly, we ensure that the governance arrangements are in place in terms of the practical implementation of key action programmes. Fourthly, the implementation plan and the actual programme is defined through a series of stakeholder workshops and consultations at individual levels. Lastly, we define a comprehensive communications strategy to ensure the correct messages are delivered to all concerned parties.

Programme/Project Management Approach

Effective management of programmes ensures the correct utilisation of all resources allocated to the project. In many instances, programmes or projects do not meet the required targets in terms of ‘on budget’, ‘on brief’ and ‘on time’ due to inappropriate and unqualified project managers, poor planning, unrealistic expectations with regards to time and budget and poor allocation of resources.  Through a systematic and best-practice approach using PMBOK and other project management practices, Huda Consulting will provide you with a customised approach to implementing your programme efficiently and cost effectively