SME Development Programmes


SME Development Programmes


  • Company Wide Assessment and GAP Analysis
  • Focused Interventions
  • Business Development
  • Business Plan and Growth Strategy

Some experts have claimed that more than 50% of a country’s GDP in most instances is attributable to the activities of small business. In this regard, many countries have given more focus and support to this sector in driving economic growth in contrast to large industry due to the almost immediate job creation and empowerment opportunities that small business presents.

The low performance of small businesses in South Africa can also be attributed to poor education levels, lack of management and work skills, lack of access to working capital, and low outlays for research and development. Huda Consulting through its vast network of skilled professionals is able to provide focused support to SMEs to enhance their competitiveness and increase access to business opportunities.

SME Development Support

In order to ensure the correct interventions are adopted in improving the business, Huda Consulting conducts a comprehensive enterprise assessment incorporating all departments and aspects of the business from management to HR and from technology to skills availability. Thereafter, a priotised implementation plan is formulated in consultation with the business owners where critical interventions are adopted. Support is provided at shopfloor level where manufacturing businesses are provided technical assistance in improving the efficiency, productivity and output of their operations; and support is also provided at a company or management level where interventions are aimed at improving customer relations, profit, turnover and skills.