Heat Pumps

Huda Energy supply and install heat pumps that are suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Heat pumps are a great way to save on your electricity bill while looking after the environment. Call us for your free quote on a quality heat pump.

Energy is extracted from ambient air and then processed by means of a compressor which is used to heat water. The heat pump is not reliant on sunlight or direct radiation but extracts heat energy from the air at any time of the day or night. Even in extreme cold conditions, heat pumps still provide a saving of more than 50%.  Heat pumps can be installed either on the ground or on brackets on the wall. Heat pumps are unobtrusive with a user-friendly controller, have no greenhouse gas emissions and require almost no maintenance.

Technical aspects of our heat pumps


    • The coefficient of performance, or COP, is a measure of the performance of a heat pump. A typical value for COP is 4. The heating capacity is 4 times the amount of electrical energy that is required from ESKOM.
    • If the heat pump is powered by 1KW of ESKOM power then the heating capacity will be the equivalent of a 4KW heating element. The saving is therefore up to 70% of water heating bill. This is dependent on consumers usage patterns, ambient temperatures, and humidity of the area.
    • Heat pumps can be retrofitted to existing geyser tanks provided that the tank is not very old.
    • A 3KW heat pump can be installed on a 150ltr geyser will use 600W to 700W of electricity to provide the same heat as the 3KW element in the geyser.


Our heat pump sizes include:


    • 3KW to 9KW for domestic use.
    • 18KW to 100KW for industrial use.
    • Swimming pool heat pumps range from 5.6KW to 50KW for domestic use and up to 250KW for Industrial use.

Choosing the right heat pump for the right application is critical. We will assess your usage patterns and capacity requirements before recommending the right size heat pump. We have converted many homes and industrial facilities to heat pumps with a huge saving on electricity and no hot water shortage. We can help contractors and home renovators to ensure that your home is energy efficient.

Huda Energy also supplies and installs pool heat pumps to provide a comfortable water temperature throughout the year. We offer a 5-year guarantee on the heat pumps as well as a 1-year workmanship guarantee on the installation.

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