Solar Systems

Huda Energy supply and install complete solar systems that will help your home be energy efficient and help you save on your electricity bill. By conducting a full energy audit, we can determine and advise you on the best solar solution. Contact us for your quote.

Our solar systems consist of solar panels that are connected to an inverter and battery system, where the panels generate electricity from the sun which either powers your home via the inverter or charges the batteries for usage during the night. Whether you go fully off-grid or simply supplement your household energy intake by starting off with a smaller system, solar power is great with coping with the ongoing increase in energy cost.

Solar Panels

We supply and install Tier 1 high-quality poly-crystalline panels (or mono) with a 25-year guarantee


We supply and install grid-tied inverters without a battery system where the council meter allows. This system feeds power back into the grid during low usage and allows the user to use the grid power at night without the need for a battery system.


We provide high-quality German batteries with a 3-year guarantee and up to 10 years of battery life depending on usage. We supply and install high-quality AGM and Lead Crystal batteries for solar applications which provide up to 3000 cycles over the life of the battery.

Panel Mountings

We install aluminum mountings which provide a higher strength to weight ratio and has a longer life expectancy. However, should you require the galvanized steel option this can be accommodated.

We provide an extensive after-sale service, continuously looking after your solar system. We provide a 1-year workmanship guarantee on all installation done by us. Contact us for more information on our solar systems.